All Saints Vespers, Advent Vespers, Midday Prayer (Sext), Sunday Week 3, Vespers

all saints1 November, All Saints Day, II Vespers

3 December, Monday Week I, Vespers

At Sext (Midday Prayer), Week 2 Monday

At Sext (Midday Prayer), Week 3, Monday

Wednesday, Week 3, At Vespers

30 September 2018, Week 3, Sunday 1 Vespers


Common of Doctors of the Church, New Organ Propers, 6th-14th Sundays Ordinary Time, Various Antiphons, Lent IV


Common of the Doctors of the Church, New Organ Propers

Communion Antiphon: “A Sparrow herself,” Lent, Week IV

6th Sunday Ordinary Time, New Organ Propers

Various Antiphons: 4th Sunday of Lent, Communion Antiphon; 3rd Sunday Lent, Entrance Antiphon and verse, 15th Sunday Ordinary Time, Communion.

New Organ Propers, 6th-14th Sunday Ordinary Time