Simple Gradual Per Annum

A simple Gradual, Through the Year, Ordinary Time

Have you ever wanted to begin using chant, but you were not ready for a different chant for every Mass? The Simple Gradual is an option for using general texts to introduce people to using chant at Mass. Let us know if you need any help or advice!


A gradual for the Saints outside Pascaltide

A simple Gradual for Saints

A simple gradual for feast days of Saints outside of Pascaltide (outside of Easter)

St. Louis Graduale and Kyriale

A simple gradual for Mass during Lent




Compline is an amazing prayer of the Church. It began as a monastic office to complete the day. The current use splits up the psalms throughout the week. The monastic office traditionally included many of the current ones, but the same every night. On a personal note, Compline has always been one of my favorite since it was the first I ever prayed regularly. When I first talked to the vocation director about seminary, he handed me a Shorter Christian Prayer, and said he’d only give it to me if I promised to pray it every day.

Compline, Simple Tones

Compline, Pascal Time

Our Lady of the Rosary, 7 October, Vespers