English and Spanish Pew Missal

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the English and Spanish Pew Missal by Ignatius Press, now is the time! Ignatius Press and Fr. Samuel Weber, O.S.B. collaborated to produce a yearly missal in English and Spanish to not only include the Sunday lectionary and hymns section, but also simple chants for the Propers of the Mass. I personally use the English missal where I serve at the St. Pius X Catholic Student Center at Pittsburg State University (which is in Kansas in case you’re wondering). My musicians use the Entrance and Communion Propers along with the verses from cantor book for the Pew Missal. As Fr. Samuel explained to our classes in seminary, the simple tones of the Propers are the building blocks of learning more through-composed and melismatic chant. Unfortunately, our musical education has collectively forgotten the simple tones, but the Pew Missal is a great way to start learning the place of the Propers again. Thank you to Ignatius Press and Fr. Samuel for publishing this great project!

To order, please visit: http://www.pewmissal.com/brand_new/

Or visit here for ¡Canta La Misa! https://ignatius.com/canta-la-misa-2022-spanish-pew-missal-pm22sp/