New Organ Propers for Lent, Ash Wednesday Vespers, Triumph of the Cross, and Profession of Dominican Sisters

CaptureLent, Organ Propers, Week I

Lent, Organ Propers, Week 2

Lent, Organ Propers, Week 3

Lent, Organ Propers, Week 4

Lent, Organ Propers: Week 5

Lent, Organ Propers, Sundays and Weekdays, Holy Week

Responsorial Psalm, Solemn Profession of Dominican sisters, 2018

Ash Wednesday: Vespers, Wednesday, Wk IV, Tone B

Feast of Triumph of the Cross, 14 September 2019, II Vespers

Common of Saints: Complete! Also, Vespers booklets and psalms, Chants for Benediction, St. Francis de Sales, and Conversion of St. Paul


Sanctoral, Common of Saints, Part A

Sanctoral, Common of Saints, Part B

Sanctoral, Common of Saints, Offertory Antiphons

Sanctoral, Common of Saints, Common of Holy Men and Women

Psalm 8, with Antiphons, for Wyoming Catholic College

Chants for Benediction

Sunday Vespers, Revelation Cycle

St. Fancis de Sales, 24 January 2020, At Mass

Conversion of St. Paul, 25 January, 2020, At Mass

Divine Office, Saturday, Week 3, For the Blessed Virgin Mary

Divine Office, Easter, Tuesday at Vespers

Divine Office, Advent, Week II Saturday