Youtube Recordings

A cantor at the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica named Angela Rocchio has begun recording some of Fr. Weber’s chants. Here’s her youtube channel. Please follow her and support her work spreading the great work of chant.

On a personal note, my name is Fr. David Voss. I run a University Student Center named St. Pius X. I was happy to discover in my years preaching about St. Pius, that he had amazing solutions to the problems he faced as a priest, Bishop, Patriarch, and Pope. One of my favorite stories is when he was first named a bishop. He found his Diocese in a state where there was lack of attendance at Mass, lack of zeal amongst the priests, and lack of education amongst the faithful. His solution? He mandated a reform of sacred music reviving Gregorian Chant. May St. Pius X help us now from Heaven as he did while he was on earth.