Votive Mass for after the Harvest

I don’t normally write anything along with these links, but I thought I would for this one. A Fr. Hart from England emailed Fr. Weber and myself asking for these propers. Fr. Hart has asked in the past for other antiphons and he was for kind through the email. I didn’t know what the after the Harvest Mass was, so he explained in England, it’s a very popular day, much like Thanksgiving in America. He said, often Churches use this liturgy in place of the Sunday liturgy. America has its own Thanksgiving liturgy, but its always on a Thursday. So, until our American Bishops move that Thursday feast to Sunday like they have for every other feast, we’ll still have Thanksgiving propers on Thursday 🙂 Watch, now that I wrote that, someone will make a push to move Thanksgiving to a Sunday. Mark my words. -Fr. Voss

Votive Mass for after the Harvest