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Where to find the Propers of the Mass volumes

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Vol. 4, 1-92

Confirmation in Spanish

Hymn in Honor of St. Louis

New Organ Propers for Lent, Ash Wednesday Vespers, Triumph of the Cross, and Profession of Dominican Sisters

CaptureLent, Organ Propers, Week I

Lent, Organ Propers, Week 2

Lent, Organ Propers, Week 3

Lent, Organ Propers, Week 4

Lent, Organ Propers: Week 5

Lent, Organ Propers, Sundays and Weekdays, Holy Week

Responsorial Psalm, Solemn Profession of Dominican sisters, 2018

Ash Wednesday: Vespers, Wednesday, Wk IV, Tone B

Feast of Triumph of the Cross, 14 September 2019, II Vespers