Lots of Posts: St. Catherine of Sienna, Chanting the Prayers of the Roman Rite, Sequences, Hymn Breviary Insert, Easter Sunday and Easter season weekday propers, Blessing of Chalice and Paten, Sts. Peter and Paul, Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart


Chanting of the Prayers of the Roman Rite

29 April, St. Catherine of Sienna Propers

Blessing of Chalice and Paten

Easter Sunday and Octave of Easter, Propers

Easter, Week VII, Weekdays, Propers

Easter, Weeks III and V, Weekdays, Propers

Easter, Weeks II, IV and VI, Weekdays, Propers

Hymn Breviary Insert: Advent

Hymn Breviary Insert: Lent

Hymn Breviary Insert: Passiontide

Hymn Breviary Insert: Ascension

Hymn Breviary Insert: Pentecost

Hymn Breviary Insert: Pascaltide

Hymn Breviary Insert: Through the Year

Vespers for Graduation, Easter Thursday

Sequences of the Roman Rite

3 May, Sts. Peter and Paul Propers

Votive Mass for the Sacred Heart, 1 March 2019

Lent, Week IV, Friday, First Friday of April 2019

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